About the edi-testrobot

An free validation service for edi

The edi-testrobot is an internet application for validating EDI messages.

Usage is easy: send an email with your EDI message as attachment to easydesadv@gmail.com.
The edi-testrobot returns an email report within 1 minute.

Free basic validation.
The free service validates the syntax and structure of the edi message with the official standard.
All edifact messages since D93A are tested, for X12 only the 004010 version is tested (at the moment).
The free validation service is complete and 100% accurate, but does not test the specific edi requirements of your edi partner.

But this is only the basic validation!
The edi-testrobot can validate specific edi guidelines.
This type of validation is much more elaborated: all requirements from a specific Message Implementation Guideline (MIG) are checked. We can build an edi-testrobot for your specific edi requirements.
Contact us about this.

A demonstration of specific edi guidelines is available: an edifact DESADV D01B message is tested against the Dutch guidelines for the food industry. See the online test form for such a message.