Details of the edi-testrobot

How does the edi-testrobot validate?

Details of usage

  • Send the edi file(s) as attachment.
  • The testrobot returns the email report to the address you use as 'sender' address.
  • Email report is send back within one minute. If not: please check your spam box.
  • The edi-testrobot returns one report per message (UNH-UNT or ST-SE).
  • A report contains the subject of your original email.
  • In the free validation service the the edi message is validated against the offical standard.
  • Complete interchanges are validated: use correct envelopes (UNA/UNB-UNZ or ISA-IEA).
  • No inhouse files, word, excel etc.
  • Logo's, disclaimers, v-cards etc in the email are OK.

EDI standards

  • Edifact: all official UN-messages since D93A (e.g. ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC, PRICAT, IFTMIN).
  • X12: all X12 transactions in version 00401 (e.g. 850, 810, 855, 856, 997).

Details of basic validation

  • Correct syntax: correct use of separators, correct enveloping.
  • Correct structure: segment sequence as in standard, required segments, min/max repeats.
  • Correct segments: required elements, required sub-elements, format of elements.
  • Codelists are not validated - too much variation/exceptions. We do this is for specific guidelines.
  • View overview of error-notifications of the basic validation

Possible errors for validating specific edi requirements are of course very specific.