Our extended edi test-services

Scenario testing.

Scenario testing is an extension of the EDI testrobot. Instead of validating separate edi messages, the work flow of EDI messages is tested. During the tests the EDI testrobot plays the role of one of the edi-partners - probably your role.

Examples of edi scenarios:

  • Retailer sends orders, supplier sends shipping notes (ASN's) and invoices
  • US health-care: Send 270, receive 271
  • Dutch DIY: send RETANN, receive RETINS

Advantages of scenario testing

  • Test the dependencies and relations between the edi-messages.
  • More realistic validation.
  • Test many edi messages at once.


Still sending a thick pile of edi documentation to your edi-partners? And you suspect they don't read this? (did you? ;-)
We can develop good edi documentation for you - concise and understandable. Both for your edi partners and for internal use.

  • clear and concise for you and your edi partner
  • no need to explain again and again
  • faster edi implementations
  • internal usage: get clear what comes in - edi is not black magic