Get your edi-testrobot

Test your specific edi requirements with your edi-testrobot

Advantages of your edi-testrobot

  • save costs for connecting edi-partners
  • easy to use
  • low threshold testing
  • fast
  • accurate: test your specific edi requirements
  • fully automated
  • let them test whenever they want, how often they want and as many messages as they want
  • speed up edi's slow 'develop--send test message--wait for results-start up development again'-cycle

Your savings

  • connect edi-partners at lower costs by easier, faster and better testing
  • save on your internal costs for edi
  • no more daily manual testing - the slow, repetitive, boring and non-motivating work
  • testing is accurate - because it is automated
  • service to your edi-partners

How your edi-testrobot works

  • tests your specific edi requirements. Anything that can be tested is tested. And more ;-))
  • can be installed it at your place - or we can host it.
  • operates under your name.
  • uses your email address for testing.
  • have your layout and logo in the email reports.
  • we can develop and host your website for testing - with instructions, guidelines, test plan etc.
  • sharply priced. Check with us!